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Updates about running interventions and project content for all people connected to the graduation project at IDE. Students, teachers and staff.

Paper published: An adaptive and strategic human-centred design approach to shaping pandemic design education that promotes wellbeing. [09/04/2021]

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, two researchers of the project team, Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer and Rebecca Price, have been investigating student wellbeing. Their paper got published in a special issue on COVID-19 Global Emergency in the Strategic Design Research Journal. They describe how they used a strategic human-centred design and systems thinking approach. And present a number of design principles that can enable future designs that promote student wellbeing in (pandemic) higher education.
You can find the paper here.

Graduation supervisors, we invite you to join the theme session on the 6th of April. [22/03/2021]

What is the goal of the graduation project according to you as a supervisor? Your answer to this question is probably different than that of most students! Join the theme session with your IDE graduating students. A learning and reflection moment where we discuss the balance between learning and performance in their master graduation project, Sign up here.

This theme session is part of the graduation community program at IDE. Graduating students part of this program are automatically invited.

Showcase of our first intervention [16/02/2021]

This video explains the TU Delft project: ‘Co-creating the graduation journey’ together with a showcase of the first intervention.

The graduation community program [4/02/2021]

The second intervention gives students the opportunity to kick-start their graduation community. A program running for 20 weeks where we will provide them with tools to form their peer learning community.

Open to students who start their graduation project between the beginning of February and half March.

This program started on the 1st of March, if you have any questions about the program or participation, please reach out to

The weekly check-ins [23/11/2020]

The first intervention: a weekly check-in, eight Monday mornings, at 9 a.m.. This series of weekly check-ins started 23/11 and finished 25/01.

You can read about this intervention here