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Updates about running interventions and project content for all people connected to the graduation project at EEMCS. Students, teachers and staff.

A call for participation for EWI graduation supervisors and students!

We now aim to scale up the project ‘Shaping Successful Graduation Journeys’ by developing interventions in collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in the graduation journey. So that more TU Delft students and staff from different faculties can be supported based on their specific needs and requirements.

The project began in the Spring of 2020, when IDE academic staff Dr. Ir. Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer and Dr. Rebecca Price began looking into how COVID-19 was impacting the wellbeing of IDE’s students. From this initial investigation, they discovered that graduate students, in particular, face various challenges now that they must work from home on an intensive individual project.

Even without a pandemic at play, they found that most graduate students are under intense pressure to complete and excel in their final project. They also are faced with hurdles such as a lack of routine and motivation, an unhealthy focus on performance, difficulties in making decisions in the design process, and so on.

Now throw in a pandemic and these challenges become even more intense. Additionally, they found that new hurdles have popped up because of COVID-19. For example, it can be difficult to separate the different parts of one’s life (e.g. studying, relaxation) as everything usually happens in the same location.

To respond to their findings and COVID-19, the ‘Shaping successful graduation journey’ team – led by Marie van den Bergh began running small experiments and interventions. From each of these, they learned what works and what doesn’t in terms of supporting graduation students. The project ‘Shaping Successful Graduation Journeys’ is funded by the TU Delft Study Climate Program.

The aim is to have impact beyond the immediate ‘COVID19-response’, and to develop initiatives that promote student success, engagement and inclusivity in the TU Delft graduation process.

The project is pursued as a collaborative journey where all stakeholders who are connected to the students’ graduation journey are involved, in every phase.